Top New Chinese Movies for 2014

From Vegas to Macau 2014 Chinese Movie front page From Vegas To Macau (2014)

 Cast & Role Played
 Chow Yun-fat – Ken
 Nicholas Tse – Cool
 Chapman To – Karl

 Genre – Comedy & Action

 Director – Wong Jing

 Story – God of Gamblers comes out
 of retirement

Iceman 2014 Chinese Movie Poster Front page  Ice Man (2014)

 Cast & Role Played
 Donnie Yen – He Ying
 Wang Baoqiang – Sao
 Simon Yam – Cheung

 Genre – Martial Arts

 Director – Law Wing-cheong

 Story – A 400 year old soldier is revived
 in modern day Hong Kong

101 Proposals 2013 Chinese Movie Poster

 101 Proposals (2013)

Cast and Role Played
Lin Chiling – Cellist
Huang Bo – Huang Da

Genre – Romance

Director – Leste Chan

Story – An ordinary guy trys to woo a beautiful woman

Journey to the West Conquering the Demons 2013 Chinese Movie

 Journey To The West (2013)

Cast & Role Played
Shu Qi – Demon hunter
Wen Zhang – Monk
Huang Bo – Sun Wukong

Genre – Comedy

Director – Stephen Chow

Story – A Buddhist monk subdues demons in preparation for a journey to the west

Saving General Yang 2013 Chinese Movie

 Saving General Yang (2013)

Cast & Role Played
Ekin Cheng – Yan, eldest son
Adam Cheng – General Yang
Shao Bing – Ye Luyuan

Genre – Action

Director – Ronnie Yu

Story – Seven sons go to rescue their father who is cut off behind enemy lines

The Grandmaster 2013 Chinese Movie Poster Small

The Grandmaster (2013)

Cast & Role Played
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Zhang Ziyi

Genre – Kung Fu

Director – Wong Kar-wai

Story – The life of the Kung Fu master Ip Man


New Release 2012 Chinese Movies

Cold War 2012 Chinese Movie Poster

Cold War (2012)

Cast & Role Played
Aaron Kwok – Officer Lai
Tony Leung Ka-fai – Officer Lee
Andy Lau – Philip

Genre – Action & Thriller
Director – Longman Leung

Story – A group of kidnappers go to war with the Hong Kong Police

Naked Soldier (2012)

Cast & Role Played
Anthony Wong – Mafia Boss
Sammo Hung – CK Long
Jennifer Tse – Phoenix

Genre – Kung Fu
Director – Macro Mak

Story – A young girl is kidnapped, brainwashed and turned into an assassin

Painted Skin The Resurrection 2012 Chinese Movie Poster One

 Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012)

Cast & Role Played
Zhou Xun – Xaiowei, Fox Spirit
Zhou Wei – Princess Jing
Yang Mi – Quer, Bird Demon

Genre – Fantasy
Director – Wuershan

Story: A freed fox spirit needs a freely given human heart to regain her youth

Motorway 2012 Chinese Movie Three

Motorway (2012)

Cast & Role Played
Anthony Wong Chau-sang – Lo, veteran cop
Shawn Yue – Cheung, rookie cop
Gordon Lam – Commanding officer

Genre – Action
Director Soi Chueng Pou-soi

Story: Two pursuit squad police do battle with a legendary getaway driver

The Silent War 2012 Chinese Movie Poster One

The Silent War (2012)

Cast & Role Played
Zhou Xun – Chang Xue-ning, spy
Tony Leung Chiu-wai – He Bing, Blind man
Wang Xue-bing – Spy boss

Genre – Thriller
Director – Felix Chong & Alan Mak

Story: A blind man uses his exceptional hearing to battle spies


Chinese Actors

Chow Yun-fat
Jacky Chan
Sun Honglei
Jet Li
Donnie Yen
…..and many more

Chinese Actresses

Zhang Ziyi
Shu Qi
Zhou Xun
Gong Li
Zhao Wei
…..and many more

Top 10 Best Chinese Movies of All Time

10 – If You are the One (2008)
9 – True Legend (2010)
8 – Infernal Affairs (2002)
7 – Farewell My Concubine (1993)
……and more


Top 10 Kung Fu Movies

10 – The Shaolin Temple (1982)
9 – Police Story (1985)
8 – The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)
7 – Enter the Dragon (1973)
…..and more