Feb 142013

101 Proposals 2013 Chinese Movie101 Proposals (2013) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese – 101次求婚
Title in Pinyin – 101 Ci Qiu Hun

Genre – Romance

Subject/theme – A main goes on his 101st date looking for a wife

Language – Mandarin

Region – China

Release date
China – 14 February 2013

Movie Runtime – 104 minutes

Director – Leste Chan

Cast & Role Played
Lin Chiling – Cellist
Huang Bo – Huang Da
Godfrey Gao – Rich cad
Amanda Qin

Huang Da is a down on his luck ordinary guy who has desperate for love and tries to propose to a beautiful young cellist. His attempts to propose are complicated by a rich, charming and handsome rival who is determined to win the girl’s hand at all costs. Can Huang Da with his heart of gold triumph in love over a man who has everything he does not?

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