Apr 132013

Christmas Rose 2013 Chinese MovieChristmas Rose (2013) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese – 圣诞玫瑰
Title in Pinyin – Sheng Dan Mei Gui

Genre – Thriller

Subject/theme – An attorney leaves a lucrative job to join the Justice Department

Language – Cantonese

Region – Hong Kong, China

Release date
Hong Kong – May 2013

Director – Charlie Yeung

Cast & Role Played
Aaron Kwok – Tim
Liu Kai-chi – Nam
Kwai Lun-mei – Jing
Chang Chen – Zhou
Xia Yu – Freddy

Tim is a defence attorney who leaves a lucrative position in his firm to live by his principles and joins the justice department. He meets Jing who is a handicapped piano teacher and agrees to help her and take on her case. She is suing her doctor Zhou, alleging he sexually harassed her during a routine check up. There are no witnesses to the harassment both Jing and Zhou are relying on their own testimonials.

The case turns out to be even much more difficult than expected because Zhou is a renown surgeon with an impeccable reputation and he is being defended by Freddy, Tim’s replacement at his old law firm.

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