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Hua Mulan (2009) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese –花木兰
Title in Pinyin – Hua Mu Lan

Genre – Historical & War

Subject/theme – A young woman pretends to be a man and goes to fight for China

Language – Mandarin

Region – China

Release date
Singapore – 26th November 2009
China – 27th November 2009
Hong Kong – 3rd December 2009
Taiwan – 8th January 2010

Movie runtime – 113 minutes

Director – Jingle Ma

Cast & Role Played
Zhao Wei – Hua Mulan
Chen Kun – Wentai, Chinese prince
Jaycee Chan – Fei Xiaohu, soldier and fellow villager of Mulan
Hu Jun – Mendu, Rouran general and son of the chief
Vitas – Gude, slave/servant of the Rouran leader
Yuxin Liu – Rouran princess

China’s Wei Kingdom is threatened by northern tribesmen called the Rouran and enacts a national conscription. Mulan’s father who is in ill health plans to join the army as it heads north but Mulan takes his sword, armour and horse in the middle of the night and enlists in his place. On joining the army, Mulan pretends to be a man, proves her fighting ability and makes a number of friends, one of whom is Wentai, a Wei prince.

After a number of mishaps and almost revealing her identity, Mulan fights with great valour and gradually rises to the rank of a general. She has very strong emotional attachments to Wentai and her men that Wentai fears prevents Mulan from reaching her full potential as a general. After being ambushed by the Rouran and injured, Wentai pretend to be dead so Mulan can reach her full potential. After a period of grief, Mulan recovers and goes on to become one of the Wei’s best generals.

After 12 years of heavy fighting, the Rouran led by the blood thirsty and ambitions Mendu still remain undefeated and a serious threat to the Wei Kingdom.  Hoping to defeat the Rouran and finally bring an end to the war, Mulan devises a risky and audacious plan that the head of the Wei army accepts and puts into action. The battle that follows is the pivotal point of the movie and the war.

Editor’s Review Hua Mulan – Score 6/10
Zhao Wei is an excellent actress, a beautiful woman and her performance in Hua Mulan is one of her best. Unfortunately the idea of her successfully impersonating a male soldier is just too ludicrous and makes the movie too unrealistic. The battle scenes in Hua Mulan are colourful and gripping, the acting well done and the historical perspective is interesting so if you can ignore the fact that no one in their right mind could believe that Zhao Wei could pass for a man, Hua Mulan is an enjoyable movie to watch.

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