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I Do 2012 Chinese MovieI Do (2012) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese – 我愿意
Title in Pinyin – Wo Yuan Yi

Genre – Romantic comedy

Subject/theme –A career woman must choose between her old flame and a new man

Language – Mandarin

Region – China

Release date
China – 10 February 2012  

Director – Zhou Sun

Cast & Role Played
Li Bingbing – Tang Weiwei
Sun Honglei – Yeung Huawei
Duan Yihong – Wang Yang

Wei wei is an educated high paid 32 year old career woman who has only ever had one lover. She has pragmatically decided it is time to find a husband and have a family so she embarks on a series of blind dates. Through trial and error she meets Huawei who slowly becomes a part of her life and a close confidant. Just as Wei wei puts Huawei on a trial period as a potential husband, her ex lover who is now a wealthy businessman returns to her life.

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