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Lin Chi-ling Actress Information

Lin Chi-ling is a Taiwanese model and actor who has been modelling since the age of 15 and more recently began her screen career in 2008 at the age of 34. Lin Chi-ling is famous for her soft gentle demeanour and her physical beauty and is a celebrity model in Taiwan, China and Japan.

English name – No known English name
Chinese name – 林志玲
Pinyin – Lin Chi Ling

Date of birth – 29 November 1974
Place of Birth- Taipei, Taiwan
Height – 1.75 meters

Background & Personal Life
Lin Chi-ling’s mother and father were from Tainan in the southern part of Taiwan and moved to the capital after their marriage where Lin and her elder brother were born. Lin attended junior high school in Taiwan and then completed her secondary education in Canada. Lin then completed a degree in Western Art History and Economics at the University of Toronto.

After graduation Lin returned to Taiwan and tried to gain employment at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum but was rejected because she lacked post graduate qualifications.  She then worked as an administration assistant and went to Japan for three months of study before returning to Taiwan.

From the age of 15 to 27 Lin had been modelling part time and on her return to Taiwan from Japan she began modelling full time for Catwalk Production House. After two years of modelling in Taiwan she became Taiwan’s first super model and famous through out Taiwan, China and Japan

Acting Career
Lin Chi-ling’s acting career began in 2008 when she was cast in John Woo’s epic historical movie “Red Cliff” and “Red Cliff 2” and her career is still in it’s infancy. Since 2008 Lin Chi-ling has appeared in a number of successful movies and one TV series.

Lin Chi-ling  Trivia
-she broke six ribs and punctured her left lung after being trampled by a horse while shooting an advertisement for Proctor and Gamble
-she is the official spokesperson for China Airlines

Movie and Film Titles
101 Proposals (2013)

Switch (2012)
special agent

Love on Credit (2011)
Twin sisters Xiao Hong & Xiao Qing

Welcome to Shamatown (2010)
Chun Niang

The Treasure Hunter (2009)
Lan Ting

The Magic Aster (2009)

Red Cliff (2008)
Xiao Qiao

International Movie and Film Titles
Sweet Heart Chocolate (2012)

Money Island Love (2012)

TV Series
Moon Lovers (2010)
Liu Xiu Mei

Awards for Film and TV
28th Hong Kong Film Awards
Nominee – Best New Performer – Lin Chi-Ling – Red Cliff

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