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Naked Soldier 2012 Chinese Movie

Naked Soldier (2012) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese – 絕色武器
Title in Pinyin – Jue Se Wu Qi

Genre – action

Subject/theme – a police officer’s daughter is kidnapped, brainwashed and turned into an assassin

Language – Cantonese

Region – Hong Kong, China

Release date
Hong Kong – 23 August 2012

Movie Runtime – 100 minutes

Director – Macro Mak

Cast & Role Played
Jennifer Tse – Phoenix
Sammo Hung – CK Long
Anthony Wong – Mafia boss
Philip Ng – Black Dragon
Andy On – Sam Wong

After defeating a triad gang, CK Long’s home is hit by a group of assassins commanded Madame Rose. Long is left for dead, his young daughter Phoenix kidnapped and every one else killed. Rose brain washes Phoenix and she is trained as one of Rose’s elite assassins for hire. In the present Phoenix has grown up and Long is doggedly pursuing Rose and convinced his daughter still lives.

A task force including Long is assembled to hunt Rose who feels the pressure and sends Phoenix to kill her father. At the same time a triad gang seeks revenge after Rose’s assassins killed their members. Phoenix must try to overcome her programming and confront Rose and the assassin she has become.

Editor’s Review of Naked Soldier – 6/10
The theme of young girl kidnapped/recruited/adopted into a school/clan as an assassin has been done many times before and with much more success. Naked soldier is cheap, superficial and sloppy and only saved by the presence of the legendary Sammo Hung and Anthony Wong. The final fight at the end of the movie where Anthony brilliantly plays the role of exasperated and cocky bad guy is the movie’s best scene.

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