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One Night Surprise 2013 Chinese MovieOne Night Surprise (2013) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese –一夜惊喜
Title in Pinyin – Yi Ye Jing Xi

Genre – Romantic Comedy

Subject/theme – A woman falls pregnant after a one night stand

Language – Mandarin

Region – China

Release date
China – 9 August 2013
USA – 13 October 2013

Movie Runtime – 106 minutes

Director – Eva Jin

Cast & Role Played
Fan Bingbing – Michele
Leon Lai – Tiger
Aarif Rahman – Tony
Daniel Henney – Bill
Pace Wu – Weiwei
Jiang Jinfu – Zhibo

Michelle is an ambitious mid level manager at a foreign advertising company who’s love life lacks the success of her work life. After throwing a custom themed party for her 32nd birthday, she gets way too drunk and wakes up the following morning pregnant and no memory of what happened or who the father is. She searches for her babies father and narrows the list of suspects down to teenage figure skater Zhibo, super rich business mogul Tiger and her Harvard educated Chinese-American manager Bill.

Unfortunately none of these men see Michelle as wife and mother material. The only man in her world who would want her to be the mother of his child is Tony, a colleague seven years her junior and deeply in love with her. Unfortunately for Tony, he did not make Michelle’s short list of three.

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