Nov 192012

Switch (2012) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese –富春山居图
Title in Pinyin – Fu Chun Shan Ju Tu

Genre – Action

Subject/theme – A special agent races to recover a stolen national treasure

Language – Mandarin

Region – China

Release date
China – 2 November 2012
Hong Kong – January 2013

Director – Jay Sun

Cast & Role Played
Andy Lau – Xiao Jinhan, special agent
Lin Chiling – Special agent
Zhang Jingchu – Lin Yuyan,
Tong Daiwei – Japanese triad boss

A famous Chinese Yuan Dynasty painting known as “Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains” is stolen and sold on the black market and it is up to special agent Jinhan to recover it. Jinhan and his wife have drifted apart due to the secret nature of his work and Jinhan is unaware that is wife is also a special agent who was tasked with protecting the painting.

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