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Bends 2013 Chinese MovieBends (2013)  Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese –過界
Title in Pinyin – Guo Jie

Genre – Drama

Subject/theme – A Hong Kong socialite and her Chinese Chauffer face hardship

Language – Cantonese

Region – Hong Kong, China

Release date
Hong Kong – November 2013

Director – Flora Lau

Cast & Role Played
Carina Lau – Anna
Aloys Chen – Fai
Tian Yuan – Tingting
Lawrence Cheng – Leo

Fai is a Chinese family man who crosses the border into Hong Kong every day to work as a chauffer for Anna who is a wealthy socialite. When Fai’s wife Ting Ting is pregnant with their second child, he is faced with a problem. A family is legally only able to have one child in China and he will have to pay a very large fine for their second child. Unable to pay the fine Fai plans to bring Ting Ting to Hong Kong to give birth. An almost impossible task given the government crackdown on cross border births.

Anna is also facing a crisis with the disappearance of her husband Leo. One night after a party Anna discovers the husband has disappeared, his office has been emptied, her credit cards cancelled and she is suddenly without support. Desperate not to loose face, Anna keeps up appearances by throwing parties and entertaining her friends. She eventually has to face reality when her husband sends real estate agents to her home.

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