Top 10 Kung Fu Movies


The Top 10 Kung Fu Movies of All Time

These Chinese Kung Fu movies are chosen because of their fast paced and dynamic martial arts, story line, acting and entertainment value. All these movies feature traditional Kung Fu, skilled actors, excellent choreography and minimal special effects.

Top 10 Kung Fu movies of all time Shaolin Temple

TEN The Shaolin Temple (1982) Jet Li

Jet Li was catapulted to fame in The Shaolin Temple as a Kung Fu legend. The fight scenes are not flashy but they raw and electrifying with no stunt doubles, props for special effects. Also plenty of fights with weapons.

Top Chinese Kung Fu movie Police Story 1985 Chinese Movie

NINE Police Story (1985) Jackie Chan
Jacky Chan shows that he is a master stunts man and marital artist in this movie where he completes a number of deadly stunts. The fighting scenes are also intricate and make use of normal objects such as a telephone.


Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu movies The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

EIGHT The 36tth Chamber of Shaolin (1978) Liu Chia-hui
One of the most influential and revered Kung Fu movies of all time with a classic storyline that is pure Chinese. The halberd/blade scene is regarded as one of the best fight scenes ever.


Top 10 Kung Fu movies Enter the Dragon 1973

SEVEN Enter the Dragon (1973) Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee’s last movie and one of his greatest with awesome displays of his Jeet Kun Do. The tournament brilliantly show cased different styles of Kung Fu. The classic scene was where he kills Jacky Chan’s character.


Top 10 Kung Fu movies Shaolin SoccerSIX Shaolin Soccer (2001) Stephen Chow
This movie is the only comedy to make the top 10 and it has very few fights and no deaths. The way the movie emphasises the spirit of Kung Fu and it’s relationship to daily live in a humorous and entertaining way is pure genius.


Top 10 Kung Fu movies Drunken Master 1978

FIVE Drunken Master (1978) Jackie Chan
This movie was Jacky Chan’s first hit and established him as a kung fu master and an excellent comic actor.  Drunken Master was also one of the first movies to successfully blend Kung Fu and comedy, Jacky Chan’s signature movies.

Top 10 Chinese movies Fist of Fury 1972FOUR Fist of Fury (1972) Bruce Lee
Enter the Dragon was Bruce Lee’s most well known movie Fist of Fury establishes him as a Kung Fu legend. The fight scenes were brilliantly self choreographed and the scene where Bruce takes apart a Karate school is a classic.


Top 10 Kung Fu movies Fist of Legend 1994

THREE Fist of Legend (1994) Jet Li
A remake of Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury that is as good or better as the original. Jet Li’s speed and grace are demonstrated in many scenes and are amazing. Worth watching just for the blindfolded fight.


Top 10 Kung Fu movies true legend 2010

TWO True Legend (2010) Vincent Zhao
A hard core Kung Fu movie with a decent story that is packed full of traditional Kung fu fight scenes. The drunken kung fu bar scene is fantastic and the final fight where Vincent uses Drunken Kung Fu against  multiple enemies is legendary.


Top 10 Kung Fu movies Ip Man 2008

ONE Ip Man 1 (2008) Donnie Yen
An excellent story that is based very loosely on the life of the legendary Wing Chun Master Ip Man. The story embodies the spirit of Kung Fu and the courage and patriotism of Master Ip Man. Brilliant fast paced fighting scenes.