Dec 292012

Yang Guifei 2012 Chinese movieYang Guifei (2012) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese – 杨贵妃
Title in Pinyin – Yang Gui Fei

Genre – Historical Drama

Subject/theme –The life of a beautiful consort Yang Guifei in ancient China

Language – Mandarin

Region – China

Release date
China – 2012

Director – Gwak Jae-yong

Cast & Role Played
Fan Bingbing – Yang Gui Fei
Leehom Wang – Li Bai
On Joo-wan – Emperor Xuanzong
Oguri Shun – Prince

During China’s Tang Dynasty lived Yang Gui Fei, one of the four beauties of ancient China. She was marred to Li Bai, a prince of the Shou of the Tang Dynasty. The prince’s father had lost his favourite wife to illness and desired Yang Guifei who resembled his wife. Unable to marry Yang Guifei directly through fear of public censure, the emperor forces Yang Guifei to become a nun for several years then marries her.

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