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Zodiac Killers 1991 Chinese MovieZodiac Killers (1991) Chinese Movie Information

Title in Chinese – 极道追踪
Title in Pinyin – Ji Dao Zhui Zong

Genre – Thriller

Subject/theme –A young Chinese girl in Japan is in trouble after the death of her Yakuza boyfriend

Language – Cantonese

Region – Hong Kong, China

Release date
Hong Kong – 20 July 1991
Japan – 10 February 1996

Movie Runtime – 97 minutes

Director – Ann Hui

Cast & Role Played
Andy Lau – Ben Li
Cherie Chung – Meng Tie-lan
Junichi Ishida – Asano
Yasuaki Kurata – Ishikawa
Kyoko Kishida – Geisha Miyako

A Chinese student Meng studying in Japan and working at a bar part time when her yakuza boyfriend is killed by his ex gang. With no were to go she turns to Ben, another Chinese studying in Japan who she met at her bar. Ben tries to help Meng avoid death at the hands of the Yakuza and to deliver a package that Meng’s boyfriend gave her as he was dying.

Editor’s Review of Zodiac Killers – 6/10
Zodiac Killers is not really a bad movie, it is just dark, grim, full of misery and devoid of the normal gags or action found in most Hong Kong movies. This movie was Cherie Chung’s last before she retired to begin her married life and he put on a better than average performance. The story is interesting and the scene where Andy Lau’s character is sitting in the back seat of a car chatting to his friend while his friend is having sex with his girlfriend in the front seat is definitely not typical of Hong Movies.

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